Attractive sites at an affordable price!

We have four web design packages for you to choose from.

Nursery & Playgroup - £749 : Infant & First School - £999 : Primary School - £1249 : Junior School - £1249

All design packages include:

  • An original site design
  • A bright, attractive home page
  • No limit on the number of additional pages
  • Text, pictures, photos, documents, audio, video - all formats supported
  • FREE domain name, hosting & management*

If you are unsure of which web design package applys to you or have a specific request then please call Richard on 07773 680108 to discuss your requirements, or email


We can also provide individual animated pages - either as a home page for your current school's website or to showcase a special project your pupils are working on - prices start from £499 + vat. Have a look at these examples for Lionwood Junior School & St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School.

*for first year only